Alaska's Boston Terrier's
Ak boston terrier puppies
boston terrier puppy in alaska
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Alaska's Boston Terrier's
Alaska's Boston Terrie

Procedure if your wanting to take home one of our babies

 My puppies start at $1850.00  price will depend on pedigree, champion pedigree, color, sex, markings. This does not include shipping. I will need a $50.00 pre-deposit to put your name on my call list. This assures your placement for a current or future litter as well as assuring me you are a serious buyer. I will not add you to my list until this payment has been received. Please understand being on the list does not guarantee you a puppy out of a certain litter or at a certain time. Not all breeding's take, sometimes the wait will be longer than others, other times people pass on litters and the wait could be unexpectedly sooner than you planned. You just never know and unfortunately this stage I have little control over. I do have litters spaced through out the year. I will always have first choice of pick of the litter if I so choose. Once I have confirmation of a pregnancy I will start contacting the first in line on my list letting them know they are in proximity of the litter that's coming. I then will go down the list some people will pass to a future litter due to not being their preferred color etc. their name will remain on top and I will  go down and contact the next and so on. Your name will moves up the list and I will contact you once your possibly in rang of a litter. I try to give my customers advanced notice so they will have the time to prepare for the possibility of a purchase. Bringing home a puppy takes preparation and I like to give as much time to do that as possible. Once born I like to wait until 10-12 days before assigning  puppies. During the 10-12 day wait you have the option to go with the current litter or pass and wait for a future litter. If by chance when your name comes up and a puppy is not available of your particular sex or color then you hold your place on the list for the next available litter. If you pass on litters your $50. pre-deposit will remain in good standing upon a reasonable amount of time which will be no longer than 1 1/2 years or you forfeit said deposit and loose your placement on the list. Once you have chosen the fur ball of your liking I will need remainder deposit of $250. to hold puppy until go home date. I always make a reasonable effort to contact those individuals for the current litter with emails and/or text messages prior to birth. I will then try a direct phone call. If no reply is returned by the following day I will move down my list. Once a puppy has been assigned and remainder deposit is placed if (by chance) something tragic was to happen to that puppy I will give the option to move you to the next available litter or give you a full refund of your deposit which ever you so choose. Shipping currently can be arranged with in Alaska  to certain destinations where ever  Ravn Air flies for an additional fee of $140. which includes flight and carrier. They have always taken extremely good care of all my puppies I have no doubt in their handling of this precious cargo. If flying arrangements need to be made in advance with me I will need  the signed contract plus remainder owed which includes cost of flight within 2 weeks of departure. Puppies go home at 8 weeks old. I try to arrange this time around a weekend to better accommodate peoples work schedules when needed. If prior arrangements have not been made and I end up keeping the puppy longer than the scheduled pick up date there will be a $25. daily fee. Puppies with out their litter mates  become extremely needy, loud and require more attention as they are now by themselves.


For deposits I only accept PayPal sent as a bank transfer or as a gift (no fees involved) If you send the $50. or $250.  for goods   include the fees P.P. charges 2.9%+.30c per transaction.  Equals to ($51.80) and ($257.55) My email that is needed for P.P. is located on my contact page.  I also accept a deposit made to my Alaska USA  Bank Checking Account  (no fees involved) my  name and member #4770673   is all that is needed. Please just alert me as soon as any payment has been made  so I can keep record of transaction. For final payment if picking up in person I accept cash only no checks! If you have further questions you can call, text, or use my email contact form.