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Blue Boston Terrier Puppy
Alaska Boston Terriers
Alaska's Boston Terrier puppies
Alaska Boston puppies
Alaska's Boston Terrier Puppie

Alaska's Boston Terrier's are true lovers of the Boston breed. I feel my attention should be centered on one breed and not many if I am going to be successful at what I want to accomplish. Most of Alaska's Boston Terrier's adults have champion pedigree backgrounds. I have done hours of research on the adults I breed and who I will pair with who to produce the outstanding puppies that I do.   My adults and babies are raised in our home with lots of time, love and effort that is needed to produce well rounded, good temperament puppies that I am well known for delivering. I absolutely love what I do and invest  hours  into each and every puppy assuring they are happy, healthy and ready for their forever homes. I wean them on fresh goats milk and at the age of  8 weeks when it's time for them to meet their people they are full of wrinkles and in the very best of health. I do not let my bundles of fur go to just anyone. Every effort is made to make sure they are going to only the best of homes. If for whatever reason I feel you are not a good match for one of my babies I reserve the right to refuse the sale and your money will be returned. Breeding the Boston Terrier is not your average normal at home birth. All my females require cesarean births due to being on the smaller size. The Boston babies are also not your normal new borns that require little to no interaction once they arrive. They require constant monitoring for the first few weeks keeping them warm under heating lamps, making sure they don't aspirate milk into their lungs, due to their short noses as well as making sure all are being properly cared for by their moms. I have spent countless hours and sleepless nights making sure that each and every one of their needs are met to the very best of my capabilities. I expect nothing less when they leave or home. I am always available to give advice no matter the situation and no matter how long that baby has been with their new families.

Our guarantee & stipulations

 I guarantee my puppies to be full blooded Boston Terrier's AKC registerable with a spay or neuter contract. This contract will run the entire life of said dog. This contract will be signed before any puppy leaves my home. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE do I offer FULL BREEDING RIGHTS. If found that one of my Bostons have been bred legal action will pursue to the point of fines, legal fees, and surrendering the dog in question back to me including signed AKC documentation for transfer of ownership. This Boston will not be registered under  any other kennel club. Just as much love and effort is invested into each and every one! Unless your a breeder you can not begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into getting these little critters to 8 weeks old starting from well before they are conceived, as well as all of the time to care for my adults year round. Rest assured you are getting what you pay for! Every puppy that leaves has been well socialized, will be up to date on vaccines, worming schedule, along with parasite prevention and if needed a veterinarian health examination. We further provide a 6 month health guarantee / contract that our puppies are free of life threatening health issues.



Boston Terrier litter of champagne & blues
Alaska's Boston Terrier's
Alaska Boston Terrier breeder
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I Specialize in only breeding the Boston Terrier in Homer, Alaska.

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