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boston terrier puppes
Homer Alaska

Breeding quality not quantity

Alaska's Boston Terrier's specialize in breeding Boston Terriers in Homer Alaska. I offer puppies through out the year consisting of   black,  brindle, fawn, blue & champagne. I only breed the Boston so I can provide the best puppies Alaska has to offer! Rest assured you are getting what you pay for with one of our babies!

Id like to tell a little about myself and my vision to provide Alaskans the option to purchase the most beautiful Boston babies right her in state where they can come and see my establishment that has taken hard work to get me where I am today.  My reputation absolutely speaks for itself.

     My name is Terra Murphy. I am a local girl having grown up in Nikiski, Alaska. I am a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children.  My husband works in the oilfield, we live a very comfortable lifestyle. I am not in this for the money but for the love of the breed! Approximately 12 years ago we had decided we wanted to purchase a Boston Terrier puppy. Having invested time to locate a breeder in state I realized I had no options which led me to purchased my  first female Boston (Maddi) from the lower 48 . Shortly after I also purchased my male (Joe) also out of state. At that time I understood unless you personally know the breeder there are many out there that will tell you what they think will sell you a dog. Who could say for sure what would show up at the airport and really what where your options if you didn't get what you where promised? It was then I decided I wanted to start my quest to offer Alaskan's the option to purchase Boston puppies in state. Where they can come, meet me in person and see the condition, love and care I put into each and every adult and can get a good look into my breeding program. After all, this is where their potential family member would be coming from and it's piece of mind knowing the care for their bundle of fur starts well before its even born. Since that day I have reinvested 100% back into my business purchasing Boston's that represent the qualities I would expect when purchasing a puppy. I am not a breeder that will breed anything and everything with 4 legs. I do not breed the bigger Boston so I can cut cost by the females free whelping, along with having larger litters which return more profit for some breeders.

All my Boston's are under 20 pounds and all require cesarean

births. There is a lot of heart ache and tears that go into this breed, but there is also the joy and happiness that comes when you send these little gifts from god home to their forever families!

7 years ago my family decided to move to the majestic town of Homer. It is here that we built our beautiful home over looking Kachemak Bay as well as my indoor and exterior kennel. I cant be more proud of the accomplishments I have made to improve my program and the beautiful puppies that are the product of hard work and determination.

Alaska's Boston Terriers
Boston terrer puppies
Alaska's Boston Terriers
Alaska's Boston Terriers
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